Partnering with producers

and solution providers

to grow the best farms.  

One unified platform for data-driven farm management and solution connectivity.

Sensor-free precision irrigation. 



Our mission is to democratise and simplify access to productive and sustainable farming globally.  We focus on empowering producers and leveraging local aggregation. 

We believe in a world where all have access to easy-to-use and environmentally conscious farm management software and transparent and personalised agri-solutions. 

When farm data is captured and collaboratively analysed, producers and farmers can match appropriate solutions to farms and improve management and productivity. This enhances livelihoods, scarce resource usage, yields and uplifts the entire agriculture sector. 

Farm-Hand products bring agriculture players closer to farming organisation operations.   


We are impact oriented and track progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Our product design philosophy revolves on the following principles:

User-centred Design.

Simple co-created user interfaces keeping the producer and farmer at the centre. Learning models to improve algorithms based on feedback.


Farm-Hand's products and analytics appreciate that not just each farm but each field is different (microclimates, terrain, soil type, crop etc.), 


Easy integrations of 3rd party agri-solutions on the Platform. Solutions for desired affordability, complexity, sustainability and farm type. Designed so the farm can evolve.


The Farm-Hand Platform

Farm management and data-driven solution connectivity platform for farm digitisation and field team management

Water-Hand Precision irrigation

Patent-pending precision irrigation


Farm-Hand wins National Shell Springboard Award
Agricultural Disruptech
Irrigation system brings down the water use by almost 80% and doubles yield